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Easy DIY: How To Install a Medicine Cabinet

A medicine cabinet is an inexpensive way to create an extra space in the bathroom. Modern medicine cabinets come in a large selection of types and styles easily complementing your home decor. Make sure that you use the hardware which is provided along with your new medicine cabinet. Also, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions before installing...
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Make Your Bathroom Unique

The traditional bathroom look is a thing of the past. Use your creativity to design a unique bathroom that reflects your personality and preferences. Seemingly small, minor bathroom accessories, such as bath rugs, bath mats, shower curtains, bath pillows and window curtains make a huge impact on a bathroom's feel. Painting or wallpapering the walls,...
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Creating the Perfect Guest Bathroom

Providing an inviting bathroom for your house guests is a generous gesture. From the bath cabinets and fixtures to the towels and washcloths, your choices when designing your guest bath make all the difference in your guests' comfort. Above all, your guest bathroom should prioritize convenience. Whether you are renovating an existing bathroom or building one...
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How to Furnish a Bathroom Right the First Time

Whether you are just moving into a new home or remodeling, taking time to decide how to furnish your bathroom right the first time may seem tedious. However, even something as simple as changing your shower curtain rings can breathe new life into your old room. Think of your bathroom as an artist's canvas and...
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Must-Have Accessories for Any Bathroom

Bathroom accessories serve many purposes, whether they are wicker hampers that help you stay organized or shower heads that light up when the water reaches your desired temperature. Wood or chrome bath cabinets look beautiful while making it easy for you to stash your shampoo bottles, curlers, makeup and other miscellaneous supplies out of sight....
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