Make Your Bathroom Unique

The traditional bathroom look is a thing of the past. Use your creativity to design a unique bathroom that reflects your personality and preferences. Seemingly small, minor bathroom accessories, such as bath rugs, bath mats, shower curtains, bath pillows and window curtains make a huge impact on a bathroom's feel. Painting or wallpapering the walls, as well as hanging artwork – whether large-scale or small-scale – can create a visually striking jewel-box of a bathroom. Even traditional bathroom hardware, such as vanities and bathroom medicine cabinets, are now available in artistic designs.

Make Your Bathroom Unique

Your bathroom need not look boring, stale and uninspiring. By redecorating your bathroom and adding a few special touches, you can make your bathroom unique. Bathroom sink accessories, such as soap dishes and soap dispensers, add style to the countertop, providing eye-catching accents or underscoring an overall theme. Quality bathroom shower accessories, such as grab bars, shower rods and locker units, go a long way in shaping your bathroom's overall feel. Older, more traditional bathroom medicine cabinets can look tired; install a new, stylish medicine cabinet that reflects your personality.

Your bathroom can reflect your unique personality and style. Do not settle for having the same boring bathroom as everyone else. Adding wall art, patterned wallpaper or colorful paint can inject some much-needed pizzazz into your bathroom, as well as making affordable upgrades to the accessories, lighting and fixtures. Whether you go for a striking, bold and colorful space – or your preferences run more towards a soothing, spa-like ambiance with neutral colors and a relaxing Zen appeal – you can make your bathroom truly unique.


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