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How to Select the Perfect Bathroom Hardware

Bathroom hardware, which includes towel bars, shower rods, drawer pulls, tub faucets and more, comes in a wide range of styles and finishes. From streamlined modern looks to the classical styling of traditional fixtures, your choices are expansive. Replace some of your bathroom hardware for a fast, easy way to revamp your bathroom's appearance while...
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Dress Up Any Bathroom without Spending a Fortune

In most cases, you can dress up even an outdated bathroom with a few basic purchases that are easy to add to the room. A shower curtain track, new shower curtains, bathroom rugs, updated lighting and other inexpensive items transform the appearance of your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary without costing you a fortune. Read more

How to Care for Your Bathroom Fixtures

Properly caring for your bathroom fixtures extends their life and keeps your house looking good. To avoid damage, it is important to know the kind of material with which you are dealing. For example, wooden bath vanities require different treatment than brass shower curtain hooks. Similarly, using the wrong cleaning method on a porcelain tub...
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Bath Projects for the Beginning Do-It-Yourselfer

If you are a beginner, a do-it-yourself project should be something you can complete in just a couple of hours and should require very few tools. Consider sprucing up the bathroom with new shower curtain rings, installing new bathroom faucets or replacing the caulking around the bathtub and sink. If you want the look of shower...
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