Give Your Bath an Update with New Fixtures

If you think that your bathroom could use some sprucing up, there is no need to start looking for a contractor in the phone book. From changing a shower head to replacing bathroom medicine cabinets, there are many simple things that you can do to make your bathroom a more attractive and enjoyable space.

Give Your Bath an Update with New Fixtures

One of the best bathroom upgrades you can make is to the shower head. Shower spout and head kits are available that pulsate and massage your body after a long day or simulate a gentle rainfall. A handheld head is useful for reaching all of those hard to reach areas or for bathing children and small pets. Installing a new head only requires simple hand tools and can be completed in an afternoon. If you are tired of your tiny medicine cabinet mirror, rest assured that this is another easy replacement project. There are bathroom vanities and medicine cabinets that come with fog-proof mirrors and adjustable shelving that give you a better view and organize your toiletries and other essentials more efficiently, which can speed things up in the morning considerably. You may want to do away with the traditional wall-mounted cabinet completely, and opt for a freestanding cabinet instead, which allows the installation of a larger mirror. Towel racks and drawer pulls are another easy upgrade. For an extra bit of luxury in cold weather, install a warming towel rack to make your bathroom the envy of the neighborhood.

When it comes to making an old bathroom look new again, consider the fixtures and hardware that can be easily replaced before paying for expensive renovations.


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