Bathroom-Transformer by Michal Mitek

Designed by Michal Mitek this futuristic bathroom has the functionality of a transformer. Or at least reminds it very much. The main idea was to maximize the use of limited space. With this transformer-like functionality, the goal seems to be achieved by 100%.

Imagine the bathroom turning into a gym when the shower is not in use. It works this way too. The screens can be connected to the Home PC so you can relax and watch movies sitting in the tub. Another cool option is a rainfall shower, with water flowing down from the ceiling.

Futuristic Roca bathroom

The possibilities are endless and it is pure satisfaction. For more inspiration see the gallery below.

Futuristic bathroom 1
Futuristic bathroom 2
Taking shower
Transformer bathtub
Transformer bathtub with a shelf
Home PC controls
Rainfall shower
Futuristic bathroom tap

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