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Bed & Bathroom Furniture

Bedrooms are a fantastic opportunity to express yourself – the décor can be conservative, contemporary, eclectic or fashion forward and it does not necessarily need to coordinate with the rest of the house because a bedroom is not a common area to be shared with guests. If you want an ornate canopy or sleigh bed...
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Ideas for Replicating the Hallmarks of Gracious Bathrooms in Your Own Home

If you have ever stayed in an elegant bed and breakfast or fine hotel, you have probably experienced a gracious bathroom. The wall sconces and bath fixtures shine, the bath mats and towels are plush and inviting and the room simply sparkles – it looks and smells clean and well cared for. There is a...
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Key Ideas for Good Design and Versatility of your Bathroom

If you’ve looked at a home décor magazine or watched a home remodeling television show lately you’ve no doubt noticed that bathrooms are getting bigger and better by the minute. Most modern ones sport all sorts of unique bathroom amenities and furniture – the old plastic shower seat of years ago simply doesn’t cut it...
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Practical Bath Décor Ideas: Counting Every Square Inch

When you look in some of the fancy home décor magazines it’s not uncommon to see lavishly decorated bathrooms filled with elaborate bathroom furniture and incredible amenities – some even feature on demand coffee makers. For most folks the bathroom simply isn’t that large so every square inch counts; practical bath décor might include bath...
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