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Bath Projects for the Beginning Do-It-Yourselfer

If you are a beginner, a do-it-yourself project should be something you can complete in just a couple of hours and should require very few tools. Consider sprucing up the bathroom with new shower curtain rings, installing new bathroom faucets or replacing the caulking around the bathtub and sink. If you want the look of shower...
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Small Bathroom Changes That Make a Big Difference

Give your bathroom a new, appealing look by making budget-friendly improvements and minor updates. There are many small, subtle changes that can give your bathroom new life and a fresh look. You can make a big difference in the décor of your bathroom without going through the hassles and expenses of a complete overhaul. Smaller...
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How to Make Your Bathroom Kid-Friendly

When you have little ones in the house, it is important to make your bathroom kid-friendly by keeping safety and fun in mind. Remember that many items in a kids bathroom require special accommodations, such as anti-scald devices installed on the shower heads and bath faucets. Extra hampers, bins and other storage options for holding...
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