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How to Select the Perfect Bathroom Hardware

Bathroom hardware, which includes towel bars, shower rods, drawer pulls, tub faucets and more, comes in a wide range of styles and finishes. From streamlined modern looks to the classical styling of traditional fixtures, your choices are expansive. Replace some of your bathroom hardware for a fast, easy way to revamp your bathroom's appearance while...
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Updating Your Bathroom on a Budget

Updating your bathroom is especially challenging when your budget is small. You can still give your bathroom an entirely new look and feel by replacing less expensive items in your bathroom, such as vanity lighting, wall sconces, a shower caddy, shower curtains and other accessories. Adding new lighting options can update the look of your bathroom...
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Powder Room Updates with a Big Impact

A visit to your home's powder room or guest bath should be a pleasant experience for visitors or overnight guests. From the wall sconces and bathroom rugs to the faucets and accessories, the details and décor should contribute to an inviting, convenient and well-lit atmosphere. Easily change or camouflage your powder room's existing flooring with pretty...
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