Using Type, Size and Features to Narrow Down Your Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Choices

Before you start your next bathroom remodeling job, ask yourself one important question: “What do I want out of my medicine cabinet?” Most people don’t think enough about this arguably mundane piece of furniture literally hanging out in their bathroom, but it can make the difference between a calm and organized morning and a stressful, disorganized, one.

Choose an Appropriate Installation Type

Bed Bath & Beyond or Wayfair are really good when it comes to offering a variety of mounting options for medicine cabinets. There are three basic types to choose from, so don’t feel upset if you can’t find what you’re looking for when shopping. Look around. The better stores have all three.

First, there’s the surface mount. This is a mounting option where the cabinet sits flush to the wall, with no cutting required. The recessed mount is a bit trickier to install, since it sits between the studs in your wall. You will need to cut into the wall and mount to the studs - hopefully you have good demo skills.

The duel mount option is basically two bath cabinets in one. These can be either mounted flush with the wall or recessed.

Get the Size You Need

Cabinets come in all manner of sizes and shapes. And, if you have vanity lights, you’ll need to calculate that into your measurements. In general, you will want the largest medicine cabinet you can afford that fits all of your current bathroom necessities. Plan for the future too - you never know what you might need down the road if you’re currently single, for example.

Wide, 30 inch, cabinets can be especially difficult to install in a recessed manner, since the space between studs is usually less than 30 inches. So, to some extent, your personal width preferences will affect your options.

Choose Features and Benefits

This is the last stage of choosing a good cabinet. You want to make sure you get the essentials like size and mounting correct, but there’s also aesthetics to consider too. Some cabinets have a hinge swing, while others don’t. Some cabinets have shelving, while others are like a big open box.

There’s also the frame type and color to consider. You’ll obviously want something that matches your decor. If there are other features like a shaver mount or some place to store or hang other bathroom-related accessories, this would be a great option if your bathroom is somewhat small.

Finally, there’s the material choice. The cheaper cabinets will usually be made of plastic, with more expensive options being made of high-quality wood or steel. But, match the cabinet to your overall bathroom style and decor.

If you have a lot of wood in the home, for example, you may want a wood cabinet instead of a white plastic one. If you live in a more modern home, or have a modern bathroom, steel may be more appropriate. If you’re remodeling the home as a starter home, plastic may be just fine.

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