Making Your Bathroom a Mini Spa

There is nothing like coming home at the end of a hard day and retreating to your sanctuary for a soothing bath or shower. If your bathroom is not as restful as it could be, there are a number of steps you can take to transform your bland bathroom into a relaxing mini spa to soak your cares away. The renovation can be as extensive or as minimal as you please. Simple upgrading to a massaging shower head and adding some aromatherapy candles can instantly add that spa-like serenity, or you can tackle a more thorough remodel with some crisp white bath cabinets and a fresh coat of paint.

Making Your Bathroom a Mini Spa

A critical feature of any spa environment is something to relax the muscles and soothe away tension, and a shower pulsating head gives you that massage sensation without the masseuse. A shower massaging head is quick to install in your existing shower and is sure to do wonders in helping you feel rejuvenated. From that point, you can stick with simple luxuries like a new set of fluffy towels and a scented candle or two, or you can go all out with bath warming cabinets to heat your towels to sauna-worthy perfection. You can even indulge in a decadent new bathtub complete with jets.

With your major changes in place, choose accessories in clean and calming colors like blue and green to maintain that tranquil atmosphere. Add some lavish fragranced soaps and a few attractive potted plants, and your mini spa is ready for your end of the day getaway.


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