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Here you can find the information about the main types of toilets, available flushing systems and read tips for maintaining the toilets cleans and working well.

How Many Bathrooms per Employee Should Be at a Workplace?

Research shows that employees with high morale are generally happy employees. Happier employees tend to be more productive and drive business success. One of the requirements for employers is to provide clean and convenient bathrooms for the staff. However, it is also a good opportunity to boost employee morale. Bathrooms tend to be one of the busiest…
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How to Install a Toilet on a New Tile Floor in 20 Steps

Embarking on a bathroom remodeling project that includes a new tile floor? Learn how to install a toilet seamlessly on your newly tiled surface in just 20 steps, ensuring a functional and aesthetically pleasing result. Step 1 Remove the toilet. To do this: shut off the water supply, flush the toilet, siphon any excess water…
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Main Types Of Toilet Flush Systems

Need to install a new toilet flush mechanism or replace a broken one? Or trying to decide what kind of toilet to buy? Before you spend money, let's see what types of flush systems are available at all. For decades, people in the US used flapper-flush valves. However, newer options include siphon mechanisms and pressure-assisted…
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