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Japanese Bathroom Design Collection by Nendo

The Japanese have long had a love affair with bathhouses. Many people still lather up in public baths, a ritual as much about socializing as it is about hygiene. Italian sanitary ware company Bisazza Bagno asked Nendo to create a bathroom suite, and the design firm has taken a decidedly Japanese approach to the brief. The Nendo Collection is…
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Improving Indoor Air Quality: Solutions for The Bathroom

The bathroom is a major source of moisture generation and other pollutants. As bath designers, we need to be aware of ways that we can improve indoor air quality, control moisture, and create more positive environments in terms of safe air and surfaces, and energy usage. As whole house design becomes more technically sophisticated in…
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3 Creative (but Practical) Bathroom Decorating Ideas

In the bathroom, space, storage, and activity are fairly concentrated, resulting in unique problems that call for creative solutions. A recent project involving the remodeling of a ’50s-style bathroom is a case in point. While the client was glad to see the Pepto Bismol pink wall and floor tiles, fixtures, and accessories go, the designers…
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5 Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa-Inspired Retreat

Most people are reluctant to remodel their bathroom. It seems like an impossible task, especially if it’s currently dark and cluttered. It can seem so overwhelming to even think about. But, there is hope. A bathroom should feel like a retreat. Here are a few simple ways to make it so. 1. Change Bathroom Hardware…
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