Remodel Your Master Bathroom

There are a few simple updates that let you modernize a master bathroom without a complete remodel. Putting up a customized shower, including a new shower head, shower curtain and shower curtain rings, gives a new look to the tub area. A few bath cabinets, some new rugs and modern accessories transform the room without an expensive overhaul. Decide whether you are staying with the current color scheme or changing to a different one because painting and wallpapering are time-consuming and potentially costly. A new vanity, wall art and fresh towels can put a finishing touch to the semi-remodel.

Remodel Your Master Bathroom

Find the right color for your bathroom motif by deciding on your shower curtain hooks and rings. Shower curtain coordinating rings are a must when choosing a new shower curtain. These bring together the two components seamlessly. Look for bath storage cabinets that have different sections for your various toiletries and bathroom supplies. Cabinets can be wall-mounted or freestanding, depending on available space, and taller cabinets are more practical. Coordinate the color with the rest of the room, or opt for trendy wicker in white or neutral tones. Spacious cabinets are vital in a bathroom, so look for ones that accentuate the room.

Remodeling a master bathroom can be a huge job or it can be a smaller renovation; it is up to you. For simple ways to redo a bathroom, consider the various custom shower configurations available. These offer the invigorating convenience of showering in an entirely different way, with overhead showers, rain bars and steam showers. A new shower curtain and shower rings help transform the tub. Move those old bathroom cabinets to garage duty, and purchase new, space-saving cabinets that are attractive and have room for everything. A few simple steps change an old, tired bathroom into a new, refreshed-looking one.


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