Bathroom Design Tool

Whether you are planning to design a new bathroom or refresh an existing one, it can be quite a project. Before you hire a professional designer that will create a perfect design it would not hurt to try to design your own bathroom or create a cloakroom toilet in advance. Whatever you need to do you can start planning it right here!

Using this simple 2D online bathroom design tool you can create and visualize your own ideas for the new bathroom. Read our guides and articles before you start designing your new bathroom.

Once you are satisfied with the designs, simply print the plans that you created along with material lists and show them to your builders or designer.

Thus simplifying the whole selection process!  Easy!

How to use the tool?

1. Click the play button

Start button

2. Play the demo video which briefly shows the main tool's options

Play Demo

3. Select "Start" at the bottom of the design window

Click Start to begin designing

4. Go Fullscreen

To work in full-screen mode, right-click anywhere on the tool and select "Enter fullscreen". To exit fullscreen mode, press ESC or move the mouse to the top of the screen and press the "X" button.

Enter fullscreen mode