Bathroom Models

Travellers can often get confused regarding the different types of bathrooms available when booking rooms in bed and breakfast accommodation and hotels, and even terminology used in estate agent's brochures can be bewildering when they describe the types of bathroom located in a house. This guide aims to clarify the differences between different bathroom models such as en-suites, master bathrooms, private bathrooms and shared bathrooms.

En-Suite Bathrooms

A bathroom directly connected to a bedroom is known as an en-suite bathroom (French for 'a following', referring to the bathroom being part of the bedroom to which it is attached). Its use is primarily intended for the occupants of that bedroom only. An en-suite bathroom attached between two bedrooms is sometimes referred to as a "Jack and Jill bathroom".

Master Bathrooms

A bathroom adjacent to or directly connected to a master bedroom in a private home is generally called a master bathroom, unless it is shared by other bedrooms or is the only bathroom in the home.

Private Bathrooms

In hotel and B&B accommodation, both en-suite and private bathrooms are for the exclusive use of the occupants of a particular bedroom. An en-suite bathroom is accessed from within the bedroom, whereas a private bathroom is accessed from outside the bedroom but is normally adjacent or near to the bedroom. Although the word bathroom may be used, this can refer to a room with a shower rather than a bath. The bathroom would also normally include a toilet as well as washing facilities.

Shared Bathrooms

In hotel and B&B accommodation, a shared bathroom is one that is outside of any bedroom, which is shared between guests staying in two or more separate bedrooms.