Creating the Perfect Guest Bathroom

Providing an inviting bathroom for your house guests is a generous gesture. From the bath cabinets and fixtures to the towels and washcloths, your choices when designing your guest bath make all the difference in your guests' comfort.

Above all, your guest bathroom should prioritize convenience. Whether you are renovating an existing bathroom or building one from scratch, install plenty of storage for extra toilet paper, cotton swabs, hand towels and bath towels. An adequate supply of these items, stocked in a small linen closet, a vanity or wall-mounted bath wooden cabinets, ensures that your guests do not have to ask for them. If the counter top does not provide enough space for toiletries, provide a medicine cabinet, a small shelf or another obvious location for these items. When choosing fixtures such as sinks and tubs, select models that are easy to maintain and clean at a moment's notice. Comfort is important, too. Outfit the guest bathroom with linens and miscellaneous items, such as organic washcloths, scented candles, luxurious shampoo and a plush bath mat. To accommodate guests staying longer than a day or two, include a hamper for dirty clothes or linens, a hair dryer and a fluffy robe on the door.

Creating the Perfect Guest BathroomBefore your guests arrive, fluff the towels, empty the trash and add a couple of fresh flowers in a bud vase for a welcoming touch. Your guests are sure to appreciate your attentiveness and care in anticipating their needs, and you can prevent any awkward conversations about where the toilet paper is stored.


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