Elegant Amenities for Gracious Bathrooms

You know a gracious bathroom or powder room when you see it, either in the pages of a magazine or on a televised home makeover show, or even in the pages of the local real estate listings. The bathrooms have elegant amenities such as monogrammed bath towels, natural sponges, pretty bars of soap and other niceties; many feature attractive bath and shower furniture designed to encourage rest and relaxation.

Gracious Bathrooms

It is interesting to note that you can achieve the same look and enjoy many of the same amenities in your own home with just a bit of savvy shopping and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of home. When you use the internet it is easy to browse for ideas and inspiration and when you are ready to buy it does not make any difference whether it is day or night, a weekday, weekend or even a holiday because the internet never closes. If you have not shopped online before it’s a good idea to start with the websites of the major bed and bath stores you already know – they are certain to stand behind the goods they sell and offer decent service.

Some particularly gracious amenities include hot fluffy towels – they are so wonderful to wrap yourself in after a bath or shower with the simple addition of a heated towel rack you can enjoy hot towels whenever you’d like. A towel warmer is not only luxurious, it is quite practical – use it to dry fine washables and swimwear, warm baby clothes and blankets and to ensure wet towels dry quickly and completely. There are both free-standing and wall-mount towel warmers along with countertop models.


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