Bed & Bathroom Furniture

Bedrooms are a fantastic opportunity to express yourself – the décor can be conservative, contemporary, eclectic or fashion forward and it does not necessarily need to coordinate with the rest of the house because a bedroom is not a common area to be shared with guests. If you want an ornate canopy or sleigh bed or you simply must have a waterbed, the bedroom is the place to exercise your right to personal décor. After all, we spend almost a third of our lives in bed – it only makes sense to surround yourself in whatever fashion will best help you to rest, relax and awake refreshed.

Bed & Bathroom Furniture

The great thing about outfitting a bedroom is that once you have the bed you can change the look of the room simply by changing the bedding and it takes little more effort than simply making the bed. Modern bed ensembles typically consist of a quilt or comforter, a bed skirt and decorative pillow shams. When you buy an ensemble all of the design work has been done for you as the pieces have been chosen to coordinate perfectly while not necessarily matching precisely. When you feel like a change, a new bed ensemble is the easy way to update the look of a room in minutes.

Area rugs and window panels are other handy décor options which can be switched out with ease; should you have a master bedroom with an attached bath it is generally a good idea to carry the décor theme throughout the suite. Perhaps you have settled on an island theme with palm frond bedding and other tropical elements – a carefully chosen piece of bamboo or rattan bathroom or bedroom furniture such as a hamper or small table might be just the thing to tie the room together.


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