Bathrooms – the New Oasis

The modern trend in bathroom décor is to transform a mundane bathroom into something more like a spa; it may seem like an impossible notion unless you have an unlimited budget but the reality is that with a little ingenuity and some savvy internetshopping you can make a splash without breaking the bank. It’s not just about bathroom showers –bath and shower furniture, handheld shower heads, towel warmers and more can instantly give the entire bathroom a makeover.

New OasisThe tub or shower enclosure is a great place to start because there are many affordable improvements you can make in just one afternoon. The simple installation of a handheld shower head can add a whole new dimension to your bathing experience and it does not require calling in a plumber. Handheld shower heads make it easy to shampoo hair, bathe children and pets and even water plants. They also allow you to wash your hair while seated or use the shower head for a shower massage since the water spray can be directed precisely where you want it.

By investing in a teak shower bench and a teak shower mat you can enjoy upgraded surroundings; add a bamboo hamper or towel rack and some aromatherapy candles and soaps to create a naturally luxurious experience that will make every bath and shower more relaxing and enjoyable. A counter top towel warmer lets you enjoy toasty towels and can be used to warm washcloths, socks and undergarments for those chilly winter morning when you’d rather just stay in bed; it’s much easier to make the transition from bath to dressed when you can wrap yourself in a warm and cozy towel.


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