Delightful Dorm Furniture

Sending kids off to camp or college can be bittersweet – the first time away from home is a big change for both parent and child. Sometimes it helps to take something familiar from home to help ease the transition, perhaps a familiar blanket or pillow to soften the institutional dorm or camp furniture or a favorite comforter or bean bag chair. Whatever you choose it will be part of a long list of essentials you will need to accumulate for the new housing situation.

Delightful Dorm Furniture

Most colleges, camps and schools provide a checklist of everything you will need but it’s also a good idea to take a look at some of the websites of the major bedding and bath stores – often they feature comprehensive checklists which can be printed or digitally shared. This makes it easy for parent and child to collaborate on purchases and avoid duplication when there are roommates involved. When it comes to college in particular, many modern living situations are more apartment-like in nature with shared common spaces such as living room, bath and kitchen, coupled with a suite of bedrooms. This calls for extra coordination and planning.

The bathroom may or may not have suitable bathroom fixtures and furniture so it’s a good idea to invest in some tiered shelving and drawer systems to help keep toiletries and the like in order. Towels should be monogrammed, labeled or feature a distinctive print or pattern so they are clearly identified as belonging to your child. Hampers with removable laundry bags are very useful whether you or your child will be doing the laundry.


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