Bath Décor Ideas

Updating a bathroom generally calls for more than just replacing tired bath rugs and worn mats – they should be replaced on an annual basis as a matter of course anyway. There’s plenty you can do to update a mundane or dysfunctional bathroom without doing major renovations or spending a lot of money.

Simple solutions include the addition of a bathroom bench or shelves, a storage tower or new towel bars. The key to making any bathroom feel more spacious and operate more efficiently is to create a place for everything and eliminate what does not really need to be kept in the bathroom.

Bath Décor Ideas

Start by giving the room a thorough cleaning from top to bottom, preferably on a sunny day when you can really see what you are doing. Remove any window treatments for cleaning or replacement and be sure to clean the light fixtures and replace any burned out light bulbs. Don’t forget to clean the ceiling or wall fan if you have one because these tend to collect dust. Sometimes just a good cleaning can make a bathroom look much better.

Shower curtains and liners should also be replaced regularly, especially to keep mold and mildew at bay. When looking for replacements be sure to seek out items with mold and mildew resistance and quick dry features. Look for mats with anti-skid backing and make sure the window treatments are designed to withstand high humidity.

A curved shower curtain rod can change the look and feel of the room plus it creates more elbow room in the shower or tub enclosure. These are easy to install and require no extra hardware.


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