Practical Bath Décor Ideas: Counting Every Square Inch

When you look in some of the fancy home décor magazines it’s not uncommon to see lavishly decorated bathrooms filled with elaborate bathroom furniture and incredible amenities – some even feature on demand coffee makers. For most folks the bathroom simply isn’t that large so every square inch counts; practical bath décor might include bath mats and rugs with anti-skid backing and suction cup robe hooks to help to keep clothing off the floor.

Practical Bath Décor Ideas

The reality is that there is something available for every budget that can improve the functionality and attractiveness of almost every bath and powder room, no matter how big or how small. Safety is always a primary consideration since slippery bathrooms make it easy to trip and fall and the combination of children and water is always a concern. Mold and mildew is another practical bathroom consideration as most bathrooms hold a lot of moisture and humidity.

When selecting bathroom textiles such as shower curtains and window treatments it’s a good idea to look for items which have anti-mildew properties; the same holds true for bath mats and the like. A shower curtain liner is another good idea – many are made of special materials with “quick-dry” properties.

Perhaps the most useful and practical addition to any bath or shower is a handheld shower head – they are easy to install and do not require the services of a plumber. With a handheld showerhead you can shampoo hair, bathe children, wash pets, water plants and clean the tub or shower enclosure with ease.


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