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Make Your Bathroom Unique

The traditional bathroom look is a thing of the past. Use your creativity to design a unique bathroom that reflects your personality and preferences. Seemingly small, minor bathroom accessories, such as bath rugs, bath mats, shower curtains, bath pillows and window curtains make a huge impact on a bathroom's feel. Painting or wallpapering the walls,...
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How to Furnish a Bathroom Right the First Time

Whether you are just moving into a new home or remodeling, taking time to decide how to furnish your bathroom right the first time may seem tedious. However, even something as simple as changing your shower curtain rings can breathe new life into your old room. Think of your bathroom as an artist's canvas and...
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Practical Décor Ideas for Outfitting Family Bathroom

When outfitting a family bathroom it requires extra care and consideration – kids can get into all sorts of things so the bathroom vanity and medicine cabinets should feature childproof locks along with rounded edges to reduce the possibility of cuts and scrapes. The family and kids bathroom will see a lot of use so...
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