Practical Childproofing Bathroom Décor Tips & Ideas

Busy parents know that while it can be nice to imagine a home that looks as if it could appear in the pages of a magazine it is far more likely they’d be delighted with a bathroom that was tidy and functional. Things like bathroom medicine cabinets with childproof locks and toilet seat lids locks are very important even if they won’t be setting any style trends. When you are outfitting a family or kids bathroom, safety and convenience are critical – things like kids or adults shower curtains should be sturdy and easy to operate and bath mats should feature anti-skid backing.

Practical Childproofing

Clutter is a problem in any bathroom and bath toys can add to the confusion and pose a potential slip and fall hazard. Scoop them up with a suction cup wall mount bath toy caddy or stow them in a plastic laundry hamper when not in use. Keep baby and kids safe with a bath tub faucet protector; make bath time fun and shampooing hair easy with a specially designed child’s handheld showerhead. A bath tub temperature gauge or bath water thermometer is an excellent idea.

Help children learn to pick up after themselves by mounting towel racks and robe hooks – identify them with initials or color code them so each child knows where to hang their robe and towel. Monogrammed towels are another nice idea. To control consumption of soap and shampoo in the bath, a wall mounted dispenser is a good idea; a toothpaste dispenser helps to keep the vanity clean. Bar soap can be annoying – eliminate scummy soap dishes with a liquid soap dispenser.


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