Making a Bathroom More Spacious

If your bathroom feels too small, there are some easy ways to make it seem more spacious without doing an extensive remodeling project to expand its floor space. Adding some simple storage solutions lets you tuck items like washcloths and hair dryers out of the way so that they are not taking up space on your counter or floor. Bathroom medicine cabinets can be concealed behind a mirror to provide even more room.

Making a Bathroom More Spacious

Instead of stacking your Turkish washcloths on a shelf or a counter, put a hanging storage caddy on the back of the bathroom door. This keeps them handy but out of the way. When you need some antibacterial towels, just reach behind the door to get them. If you do not have a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, installing one behind a mirror provides more storage space without taking up more room. Bathroom full-length medicine cabinets are easy to install and can be done in an afternoon. You can keep medicine bottles, bandages, toothpaste and other items in a cabinet like this. By keeping these things out of sight, you can make the whole room feel larger and more spacious.

Making some changes to your bathroom makes it feel more spacious, even if you do not make the room bigger. These storage solutions are easy to install and are much easier than remodeling your bathroom to add more floor space. Getting rid of the clutter in your bathroom goes a long way toward making it feel cleaner and more pleasant.


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