Spa-Worthy Touches That Enhance Your Bathroom

Adding spa-worthy details in your bathroom creates a sense of luxury and style. Simple home additions, such as high-quality washcloths, bathroom faucets and towel warmers, result in a comfortable, rejuvenating space for you, your family and your guests.

Plush wash towels are perhaps the least expensive way to give your bathroom a spa feel. Look for cotton washcloths with high thread counts and very dense surfaces. They should feel almost like plush carpet to the touch. Another simple change is switching out your faucets. Rather than basic, unattractive bathroom sink faucets and bathtub faucets, select options that have more arch and curve to them. Pump-style faucets, tall-spouted faucets, phone-receiver-style shower heads and other intricate designs add a touch of class to any bathroom space. Go eco-friendly by using a bamboo floor mat instead of one created out of synthetics. Aside from its environmental benefits, a bamboo mat reduces the amount of bacteria in your bathroom. Finally, consider adding at least one truly spa-related item to the room. Atowel warmer is an ultimate touch of luxury, and small units are relatively inexpensive. If your bathroom is small, save on floor space by choosing a hanging towel heater.

Spa-Worthy Touches That Enhance Your Bathroom

Spa-worthy touches do not have to cost a fortune. Even if you are on a budget, you can add a number of luxurious options to your bathroom. Using them to enhance your home creates a space that helps every member of your household unwind at the end of a long day.


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