Basic Bath Ideas: Shower Curtains & Washcloths

Decorating a bathroom can be fun but sometimes you need to stick with the basics, especially if it is a much-used family or kids bathroom. Things like shower curtains and shower liners for kids need to be practical because they can take a lot of abuse; the shower curtain holes should be reinforced since often children will tug or pull on the shower curtain - if you use shower curtain hooks they should be very sturdy. Even articles such as washcloths and towels should be heavy-duty with minimal ornamentation which can catch or tear or feature colors that might run or bleed while being laundered.

Give A Hoot Cotton Shower Curtain

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Some practical families stick with white towels and white washcloths so they can be bleached and kept spotlessly clean; they also use white bath mats and other white textiles for cleanliness and ease of use. Plastic laundry baskets are very handy in a family bath – they can be used to store bath toys and shower accessories along with things like clean towels or soiled laundry. If space permits, each child can have a designated laundry basket in a favorite color or bearing an initial.

Perhaps one of the most practical improvements you can make in a family bath is to install a handheld showerhead. Most are designed so they can be installed by the homeowner without requiring the assistance of a plumber. A handheld showerhead makes it easy to shampoo hair, water plants, clean pets and bathe children. They also are handy when you need to clean the tub or shower enclosure. Enjoy a relaxing water massage with a handheld showerhead or use it to target the spray on a tired or sore body part.


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