Japanese Bathroom Design Collection by Nendo

The Japanese have long had a love affair with bathhouses. Many people still lather up in public baths, a ritual as much about socializing as it is about hygiene. Italian sanitary ware company Bisazza Bagno asked Nendo to create a bathroom suite, and the design firm has taken a decidedly Japanese approach to the brief.

The Nendo Collection is a bathroom suite consisting of a bathtub, basins, and a range of accessories to complete the ritual of bathing. All the items have been simply finished in warm wood and sanitary white.

The pieces look as if they were all made out of the same wooden crate, and work beautifully both together and individually.

Nendo Collection bathtub

One of the main inspirations for the collection was the public bathhouse. Here people relax with water up to their necks, spilling over the sides of the baths as people enter and exit.

Similarly, the taps of the Nendo Collection are recessed into the baths and basins and so become partly submerged when the water runs.

Nendo bath basin

The basin is particularly arresting. An elegant wooden box frame holds a pristine white, super thin countertop with a depression that acts as a basin. The water pipes are visible through the frame. The mirror that accompanies this basin is again a frame holding two circles of mirror, emulating a pool.

Nendo Collection accessories

Other accessories like soap dishes and water glasses also become submerged with the taps.


A little greenery can be added through the stackable ceramic planters, which frame the plants they hold.


The collection that Nendo has created is sublime in its simplicity with thoughtful details that work to create a calming oasis in the bathroom.


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