3 Ways Handmade Bath Products can De-stress, Uplift and Motivate

A person spends a good amount of time in the bathroom doing various daily tasks such as bathing, tooth brushing, cleansing the face, or just using the toilet. It is amazing how much impact such a small space can have on your overall mental stress levels. An inviting and uplifting bathroom provides a place to take a break and relax while doing things you already have to do. Bathroom decor is probably the most neglected part of your house decoration but it shouldn’t. A bathroom can uplift, de-stress, and motivate a person if decorated intelligently.

Handmade Bath Products

Having a theme is important

Bathroom accessories are a necessity. We all need a soap dish, mirror, toothbrush stand, towel stand, toilet, shower curtains, etc. Hand-made bath accessories will make your bathroom beautiful and unique. Decorating the bathroom with a theme in mind helps the finished decor look put-together. If you have a theme in mind, it is best to have the items handmade since they are more specialized and specific to what you might have in mind. There are thousands of themes one may choose.

Theme to motivate

An inspirational theme can be very efficient in helping you reach your goals. For example, you may use a weight loss motivational theme. Curvy mirrors can be used to picture your future curvy self. A motivational quote can be used on the back of the door to motivate exercise and a healthy diet.

Theme to de-stress

A very beachy theme will make you relax and de-stress. Imagine coming home to a beach house. The whole look is very easy to put together. For example, you may use a sea-shell soap dish, fishes on the sides of the mirror, green and sea-green colors on the bathroom curtain, and a quote picture hung on the back to the door saying “Sit back, relax and enjoy the waves”, or something related to beach and relaxing.

Theme to uplift

The holiday season can be tough on some people having lots of work and frustration with upcoming house parties. Use a seasonal theme to get yourself in a happy mood and holiday spirit. On Christmas, for example, you can use red and green as your base colors in the bathroom. Small figurines of Santa and the elves can be placed on a side shelf as well as on the soap dish counter. You can even find a Santa-shaped handmade soap to last you all Christmas and remind you of holiday cheer.

Handmade bath products add a unique touch to bathroom decoration since every piece has been made especially for a specific theme. There is also room to change things and have a handmade product specialized in engravings.


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