5 Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa-Inspired Retreat

Most people are reluctant to remodel their bathroom. It seems like an impossible task, especially if it’s currently dark and cluttered. It can seem so overwhelming to even think about. But, there is hope. A bathroom should feel like a retreat. Here are a few simple ways to make it so.

Tranform Your Bathroom Into A Luxury Retreat

1. Change Bathroom Hardware

You don’t need to do a total bathroom remodel to turn it into a spa environment. You might just need some basic hardware. New bathroom hardware can liven up an old room, providing nice accents that “pop.” Plus, hardware is relatively cheap. So, you can stop by just about any hardware store, home improvement center, or whatever, and pick up some inexpensive hardware, install it in minutes, and have a fresh feel to the room.

It might even inspire you to do more.

2. Change Bath Vanities

Changing the vanities is the next step in the bathroom evolutionary process. With vanities from companies like Bed, Bath and Beyond, you get chic plus affordability. Bath vanities traditionally aren’t all that exciting either, so finding one that is, is amazing in and of itself.

New mirrors can be picked up relatively cheaply, depending on the size and shape you need. If you’re going for a recessed option, it should be obvious that you’ll pay more, but you’ll also be getting a more polished look.

Changing out hardware like sink and tub hardware, though, is a bit easier and will yield massive style points as well as make the room a little more comfortable.

3. Adding Tile and Accents

Ripping up the floor sounds like a big job, and it is, but it also pays huge dividends. Here’s a trick to make the job easier – pay someone else to do it for you. You can also use a floating porcelain style tile. Those are really easy to install. Even if you’ve never done any serious handy-work around the house, you can probably install these.

And, by having new flooring, you can immerse yourself in a spa-like bathroom that will make all of your neighbors jealous.

4. Use Calming Colors

Using wild, bold, colors might work for the living room. It’s an active room. But, in the bathroom, you want to keep things on the down-low. Choose soothing colors. No, it doesn’t have to be taupe, but it should be something that’s relaxing, like blue or a soft green.

Some of the most relaxing colors are purple, blue, and grey. Benjamin Moore has perfected the art of calm, if you’re looking for specific manufacturer recommendations.

5. Removing Clutter and Organizing Space

Clear out the bathroom, and get rid of all of the towels (the ones you’re not using to dry yourself off), washcloths, clothes, and hamper. Just keep the basic toiletries in here and maybe a few speakers so that you can relax in the tub while listening to music.

At the end of the day, decluttering is a personal choice. Many find that minimalism helps with stress, but it also means you have to find somewhere else to store the spare towels and toilet paper. Ideally, we would all have spa bathrooms. In place of that, we should be willing to make reasonable compromises.

Miriam Porter loves to spend her time renovating and decorating her home. When she’s not giving a room a facelift, she’s writing about it online. You can read her inspirational articles on various websites and blogs.


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