Elegant Touches for an Upscale Bathroom

An upscale bathroom is easy to create. As one of the smallest rooms in your house, there are many small touches and accessories that add elegance and class. From larger items, such as sinks and vanities, to smaller items like a curved shower rod and curtains, adding elegance to your bathroom is a great way to make your home feel more upscale.

Elegant Touches for an Upscale Bathroom

Adding a plastic shower bar or a curved metal shower rod visually enhances the room and shows off your shower curtain, as well as creating the feel of a more spacious shower enclosure. Upgrading the knobs on your cabinets and dresser vanities – or even upgrading those pieces with new fronts or a fresh coat of paint – can make a big difference in the bathroom's appearance. While a new mirror might be out of your price range, affixing an ornate backless picture frame over your existing mirror can give the appearance of new, expensive mirror. Sprucing up the walls with paint, new art, fluffy towels and candles all make your bathroom appear more elegant and classic. It is a great idea to hide clutter in cabinets or to organize it in Mason jars, glass canisters or pretty baskets.

An upscale, elegant bathroom can be easily designed on a budget, or it can be attained by spending a lot on large upgrades. The introduction of small accessories or new furniture can improve the look and feel of your bathroom and makes you appreciate that room in your home so much more.


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