Rejuvenate Your Bathroom with New Accessories

Take a look at the dreary, threadbare towels in your bathroom, and imagine what a fresh, colorful new set could do to revitalize it. When your bath rugs are worn out and nasty, buying new ones is another easy way to spruce up the room. If you have a shower curtain track that needs replacing, putting a new one up gives the room a lift. Simple changes can update the bathroom and still fit your budget.

Rejuvenate Your Bathroom With New Accessories

Renew your bathroom’s appearance by changing a few items, such as the toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, wastebasket and nightlight. Invest in soft, thick and absorbent bath and shower rugs. Pick a color scheme that livens up the bathroom, such as a sunny yellow or a sky blue, and purchase bath towels and rugs in the colors of your choice. Be bold and use floral prints and stripes in your selection of rugs, towels and curtains. Shop for a shower curtain and drapery track that fits this motif. When you put your new accessories, towels, rugs and shower paraphernalia together, you have a vibrant, cheerful room that looks modernized and refreshed.

Hang a fog-free shaving mirror with a radio in the shower to add an attractive, practical touch. Find an interesting wall clock for the bathroom for function and beauty. Simple changes can turn your old and tired bathroom into a room that you can be proud of by using a bit of creativity and making smart color and pattern choices. A good eye for color can let you mix and match items now and rearrange them later for a whole new look.


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