Dress Up Any Bathroom without Spending a Fortune

In most cases, you can dress up even an outdated bathroom with a few basic purchases that are easy to add to the room. A shower curtain track, new shower curtains, bathroom rugs, updated lighting and other inexpensive items transform the appearance of your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary without costing you a fortune.

New Bathroom Oasis

When beautifying your bathroom, begin by identifying the room's biggest cosmetic flaws. If the bathtub is unsightly, use a new shower curtain to hide the mess. Purchasing a shower curtain adjustable track allows you to install a shower curtain that goes all the way to the ceiling and can be customized to fit in any space. If there are cracks in the tile or other unsightly damage to the flooring, use an area rug to cover the flaw while adding interest to the floor. Bathroom absorbent rugs help to prevent future floor damage, and bathroom antibacterial rugs protect your family from harmful germs in the moist flooring. Accent lighting, such as vanity lights, is typically an inexpensive purchase. These fixtures lighten and brighten the room, drawing attention to the walls and the vanity mirror. This in turn pulls the focus away from other areas near the sink that need renovations.

When dressing up your bathroom, set a budget to follow when making purchases. List the problem areas in the room, and make purchases that reflect those priorities. Most importantly, make sure that each change coordinates with the existing elements in the bathroom to create a finished appearance that is unified.


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