How to Select the Perfect Bathroom Hardware

Bathroom hardware, which includes towel bars, shower rods, drawer pulls, tub faucets and more, comes in a wide range of styles and finishes. From streamlined modern looks to the classical styling of traditional fixtures, your choices are expansive. Replace some of your bathroom hardware for a fast, easy way to revamp your bathroom's appearance while staying within a tight budget. Important considerations to keep in mind include how much maintenance you want to perform, whether you prefer a unique or neutral look and how well your new hardware complements your wall sconces and other light fixtures.

How to Select the Perfect Bathroom Hardware

In general, it is best to create a unified look by sticking with the same type of finish for all your bathroom hardware instead of mixing and matching. The glossy finish is a popular choice, but it tends to pick up fingerprints quickly and requires frequent cleaning. Although some shower curtain rods and shower tension rods have matte finishes that require less cleaning, you may not care for the more subdued appearance they create. A brushed finish that provides a textured look is one possible compromise. In order to achieve a cohesive feel, pick the same antique, country or contemporary style for your bathroom hardware as you do for your wall fixtures and sconces. Gold-plated hardware stands out from the crowd, while chrome and nickel are mainstream options.

Bathroom hardware lasts for years and affects the way you feel every time you walk into your bathroom, so take your time deciding what kind you want. The perfect bathroom hardware both complements and enhances your existing fixtures while making you feel comfortable inside your home.


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