How to Get Festive Holiday Decor for Cheap (With Coupons at Target)

Holidays are a massive season for spending, but that doesn’t mean you have to go over budget to get the holiday décor you want. Finding coupons and promo codes can help you meet all your seasonal decorating needs for cheap. Here’s how.

How to Get Festive Holiday Decor for Cheap

Use Coupons Wisely (And Understand the Policy)

No matter where you shop, you can find cost-saving coupons online for everyday items, from toilet paper to specialty candles and bath towels. The same applies to Target, which accepts many types of offers, including printed and digital options.

Their coupon policy even allows you to combine deals, The Balance Everyday explains, but it can get tricky. For example, on a single item, you can use a manufacturer coupon, a Target coupon, and an app offer (more on that below). However, you can’t get cashback on coupons that are worth more than your purchase. Plus, you do pay sales tax on the full value of most purchases, which is a standard tax requirement for distributor or manufacturer-backed deals.

But in general, if your coupon—printed or otherwise—has a barcode that the cashier can scan, you can probably redeem the offer in-store for big savings.

Make Your Home Cozy with Seasonal Sales

Even before you apply coupon savings, Target offers plenty of seasonal deals you can take advantage of. Sales happen frequently, especially around Black Friday and in advance of Christmas. In-store offers tend to vary based on location, but discounts typically occur during weekday restocking periods.

You’ll often find discounts and promotions on Target’s website, too. For example, seasonal bath and bedroom sales occur often. But with online-only offers, you do need to keep an eye out for start and end dates.

Take Advantage of the Price Match Guarantee

Sometimes, you’ll find what seems like an excellent deal at Target—only to see the same item marked down further at another store. Fortunately, Target has a price matching guarantee that covers that exact scenario.

There are limitations, such as which competitors the company will match. But in general, you have 14 days after purchasing to find evidence of a better deal elsewhere. Then, bring your proof into the store for reimbursement. Keep in mind that you can’t receive a rain check on these deals, though.

Enroll in Loyalty Programs

The Target RedCard is the brand’s most prominent program, with benefits like five percent off on every shopping trip plus exclusive, customized offers. You also have an extra 30 days to return items if you have a RedCard. Typically, the return window is 90 days for unopened, new items.

Also, in advance of the holiday season, USA Today reported that Target was gearing up to roll out a new loyalty program. Target Circle allows shoppers to earn one percent back on their purchases (redeemable toward their next visit). Circle membership also includes personalized deals based on your shopping history and habits. Plus, the program provides donations to nonprofits in your area.

Try Out the Target Apps

Before 2017, Target had a separate app for savings—the Cartwheel app. These days, the brand has merged multiple platforms to create the Target mobile app. Now, you can find everything from coupons to sales to cashback in one convenient place.

Forbes reported that over 27 million users had saved a collective $1 billion before Cartwheel merged with the current app. That’s a significant savings for customers—and the figure is only expected to continue rising.

Know What You Need

To avoid both overspending and forgetting the essentials, make sure you’re prepared before you head out to Target (or start your online shopping). Knowing what you need—and avoiding “extras”—can help keep you on budget. To prep your guest bathroom for the holidays, for example, be sure to add guest bath and extra hand towels, scented candles, and a surplus of toilet paper to your shopping list.


Holiday shopping can be stressful and expensive—as much as 40 percent of the population worries about overspending this time of year. It doesn’t have to be that way! By shopping at Target—with these helpful coupons and other savings options—you can make sure you and your home are ready for visitors all season long.

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