Practical Ideas for Casual Bath Décor

Perhaps you have a shore house, a lake house, or a cabin in the woods. Life is easier - more laid back and casual, and your décor reflects that same sense of casual style. You’ve chosen forgiving materials and practical fixtures like bathroom vanities and cabinets designed to hold up to lots of use without requiring a whole lot of maintenance and upkeep because after all, who wants to be a slave to their possessions when the goal of a getaway place is to relax and enjoy. The beach and bath towels are sturdy and absorbent, plenty of terry bath robes, flip flops or shower shoes and everything is easy so you can focus on having fun.

New Yorker Whale Beach Towel

The New Yorker Whale Beach Towel from for only $29.99

If you have not quite gotten to that point, it’s time to rethink your priorities and focus on outfitting your bathroom so it is comfortable and practical; there are plenty of fast and easy solutions designed to make your life easier, especially when you browse online. Who wants to waste time driving from store to store when you can shop from the comfort of your home any time of the day or night – the selection is endless and it’s easy to compare features, benefits, and price.

Plastic laundry baskets for storage

Use plastic laundry baskets to store the following items in your bathroom:

  • bath toys,
  • stack clean towels or stow used towels,
  • store shower shoes and flip flops,
  • shampoos and other toiletries which come in plastic bottles,
  • bath accessories and so on.

The laundry baskets can be stored in the tub or shower enclosure when not in use; another option is a shelf or rack system filled with plastic bins or totes. Make sure there are plenty of robe hooks to keep clothing and wet towels off the floors.


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