Modern Green Bathroom Idea

Spotted in last week's House & Home section of the New York Times: a truly green bath, in all senses of the word. Architect Joel Sanders, landscape designer Diana Balmori, and Andrea Steele of AND Architects created this room within a garden penthouse on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Peace lily, peperomia, and prayer plant climb up the master bath's teak vanity and onto the lavastone walls, creating a curtain of verdant, air-purifying foliage.

master bath's teak vanity

green shower


2 Responses

  1. The Yale professors responsible for this stunning apartment makeover erred, I think, with respect to this one detail. Interesting that you selected it. To me, it has the look and feel of a conceptional piece, you know, the sort that expresses the dynamic clash of in- and outdoors experience, or a temporary backdrop for a green products ad, more so than actual bathroom furnishing. I find myself wondering where the real vanity is. I hesitate to say this — I'm not always this negative — but it also reminds me of those peculiar couches I grew up with that could be looked upon with awed reverence but never sat upon.

  2. I love the look of the rocks & teak deck in the shower...but does it require a staff to keep clean? I need to know because I am about to re-do our bath.


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