Before and After: Painted Bathroom Vanity Upgrade

After a few months and a flu, the white painted bathroom vanity in our bathroom finally got a new look. As all of you planners know, detours happen all the time when it comes to executing plans. In this case, instead of buying a brand spanking new vanity I ended up painting our existing one and changing the knobs. Why? Because that vanity in my post was gone when I went back to HomeGoods and so I checked at other home improvement stores. I found one comparable to the look I saw at Homegoods and showed it to hubby, only to find out from him that the sink hole should match the measurements of our under-the-sink pipe or else, we'll end up completely gutting and re-doing the bathroom sink. I've already learned that once we start a DIY project, it's like opening a Pandora's box where we get to unearth one challenge after another, and I worried that we might end up spending $4K for the bathroom. You very well know that I'm a dime-ing and nickeling homemaker with just a part-time job, so I chose the most economical route and that's through the power of paint. Don't worry, I still have the $250 HomeGoods gift card which I'll definitely use to spruce up this special room.

Let's have a moment of silence to admire the transformation before I give you a blow by blow account of what I went through to accomplish this stage.

old knobs and the painted hinges

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Please take note in the picture above the placement of the old knobs and the painted hinges. I was unscrewing those (darn!) hinges to no avail because old age (I suspect it's the original vanity when this house was built in 1964) plus the paint really made them stick so hard to the cabinet's frame. I thought I was just using the wrong phillips screwdriver that I asked hubby to check it out for me. Long story short, he used the wonder bar to pry off the hinges off the cabinet frame, and this is the result.

unsticking the old hinges from the cabinet doors

I was left with the challenge of unsticking the old hinges from the cabinet doors and patching them with wood fillers. This required the precision of a surgeon's hand to make the cabinet doors look smooth as if nothing happened to it. And remember those knobs on the doors? I didn't like where they were placed to I patched those holes, too.

patching the holes

If this is the challenge I had to face with regards to the doors, imagine the facelift I had to do with the cabinet frame. It took me a week just to fill up the crater holes on the frame where those hinges originally resided.

patched the holes

After patching those crater holes, I sanded the doors and cabinet with this Valentine present from my hubby.

sanding the doors

After sanding, I then proceeded painting the frame and doors with Behr's primer and paint in one with a warm brown color.

painting the frame and doors

When the doors and frame were painted, here came the exciting part of installing the new hinges. I asked hubby to install them for me but oooops! They're the wrong ones.

installing the new hinges

In an effort to finish this project in late February, I searched mighty high and low for these hinges. Well, newbie as I am, of course I didn't find one and I got the FLU that kept me bedridden for a week. My husband knew how to cheer me up - he didn't buy flowers (he's allergic to them), nor chocolates (not good when the recipient is hacking til her lungs were about to come out), nor a get-well card (he's not a word-y person) - he looked for the correct knobs and brought them to me. I guess that really hastened my healing process because I was so insanely happy just to hold them.

correct knobs

I dodged my nap time yesterday so I can drill holes for the new knobs, screw the new hinges, and attach the doors. My hands are sore now, on the brink of getting blisters, but everything is worth it because here's the dreamy after. Please celebrate with me this moment of triumph in my life and take a look at the new painted bathroom vanity.

New Painted Bathroom Vanity


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