Practical Bath Décor: Taking Spring Cleaning Seriously

If you haven't thought much about your bathroom lately it’s a pretty good bet it looks a bit dated or worn; we tend to ignore what we see every day and are often the last to notice when things need to be refreshed or repaired. Actually there are really a lot of things to do in your bath. Perhaps the bath tub has a slow leak or the drain is a bit sluggish; maybe the towel bars and racks are starting to pull away from the wall or the drawer pulls are starting to wiggle or spin… these are the sorts of things that happen over time and if left unchecked they can lead to real problems.

It’s a good idea to take spring cleaning seriously and tackle the bathroom as a top priority. Start by setting aside a morning or afternoon where you can thoroughly clean the room from top to bottom -draw the drapes, raise the blinds and if possible remove the window treatments for cleaning and/or replacement. Clean the light fixtures and take the time to replace any missing or burned out light bulbs so you can get a good look at what you are dealing with. Look for any leaks and listen – a toilet that runs can waste an incredible amount of water and really drive up your utility bills.

Taking Spring Cleaning Seriously

Tighten any loose drawer pulls or bath hardware and replace or repair any broken towel bars. Many wall mounted towel bars are secured with set screws – by simply tightening the set screws with a hex wrench you can ensure the bar is secure and extend the useful life of the hardware. Sluggish drains should be thoroughly cleaned and snaked if necessary; the use of chemicals is not recommended. Any leaks should be addressed as well.


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