7 Dark Moody Interiors (for Halloween lovers)

Below are a few dark moody interiors which are slightly horrifying but are perfect for those who like a year-round Halloween mood with no need to specifically decorate the house for Halloween.

1. Adjoining parlors in a London house, courtesy of In Space.

Adjoining parlors

Adjoining parlors 2

2. From the portfolio of photographer Polly Wreford.

Dark room by photographer Polly Wreford

3. A cupboard featured in the Danish home design catalog Tine K.


4. A mirrored staircase from the portfolio of Polly Wreford.

mirrored staircase

5.  A bath in Brooklyn, via Domino.

Dark bath in Brooklyn

6. Dark blooms in Tine K.

Dark blooms

7. A French bath from Cote Maison.

French dark bath

To achieve a noirish effect, consider painting your wood floors with high performance, marine-grade Hollandlac Paint from Fine Paints of Europe. For a super-shiny look, top with a marine-grade clear varnish. We like black for the floors and Espresso for the walls.

Hollandlac and Espresso Paint


4 Responses

  1. The mirrored tiles on the stairs really speak to me. I love the juxtaposition with the older elements

  2. I remember seeing the superb house at top - so beautiful. The glossy dark floors are really appealing and the gloss actually makes them quite cheerful. I agree with Karen, the black and brown together almost amount to a monochrome, the way cream and white do. The uniformity of the background lets the objects (that incredible standard lamp) pop out. And those unusual chandeliers!

  3. Those dark colors are really divine. I have been obsessing over those bubble glass fixtures and now, even more! Plus that staircase, while it wouldn't work in my house, I love the idea. Great post!

  4. I love the dark colours, as much as I love all white interiors. But I think it's the purity of a consistent colour palette that I like. I want to take the leap and do a charcoal foyer - any colour and paint recommendations?


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