Modern Décor Ideas: Time for a Bathroom Makeover

Perhaps your bathroom is looking a bit dated – the vanities are out of style, the towels a bit shabby or the shower curtain is hanging from just a few rings. It’s time for a bathroom makeover and with some proper planning you can transform the look of a mundane bathroom in just a few hours. Start by clearing out everything you no longer use or need – toiletries can be donated to a homeless shelter and outdated medications can generally be disposed of at your town hall or police station (they should never be flushed down the commode); old towels, mats and rugs can be donated to a local animal shelter.

Clean the bathroom from top to bottom – draw the drapes, raise the blinds or remove window treatments completely for cleaning or replacement. Clean the light fixtures and take the time to replace any missing or burned out light bulbs with new ones at the highest wattage recommend for the fixture; this is a good time to switch to energy efficient CFL light bulbs if you have not already done so.

Time for a Bathroom Makeover

Even the most dated of vanities can be updated with the simple addition of new hardware – a modern set of drawer or cabinet pulls can make a big difference. Transform a boring bathroom with a new shower curtain and liner and replace the shower curtain hooks or rings at the same time – there are many attractive styles and you may even be able to find coordinating bath hardware. Replace the bath mats and rugs at the same time – it’s best to look for ones with anti-skid backing for safety purposes.


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