Modern Bath Sponges and Curtains for Bath Décor

Updating the bathroom used to mean getting a new bath mat or bath sponges and calling it done but today that just won’t make the grade. Anything and everything is open to review and a candidate for an upgrade, be it the shower curtain hooks and rod or the drab drawer pulls on the dated bathroom vanity. The fact of the matter is that design has become a new priority, perhaps in part due to the popularity of so many home makeover shows.

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The good news is that it can be easy and surprisingly affordable to update the look of a mundane bathroom and it’s also something you can do in just a day or two. Since most folks are not in a position to replace the porcelain fixtures (sink, commode and tub/shower) it’s a good idea to update what you have and plan on replacing the fixtures when time and money permit.

The shower is a great place to start because a new shower curtain can transform the look of the room in minutes. Make the shower feel larger with a curved shower curtain rod; a hookless shower curtain can often give a bathroom a more contemporary feel. The shower experience can be enhanced with the simple installation of a handheld showerhead – most modern shower kits are designed so that they can be installed by homeowners instead of by a plumber.

Eliminate bathroom clutter by installing a liquid soap and shampoo dispenser in the shower – these also help to control the amount of product used which can help to save money and waste. A shower mirror is handy for shaving in the shower and can help to reduce sink clogs since the tub has a larger drain.


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