Basic Bath Essentials Needed after Moving into a New Place

Perhaps you have just moved into a new place and you need to get it together fast. After all, you may be able to take your time outfitting the kitchen, living room or bedroom but you are going to need to bathe and use the toilet from the beginning. There are some essentials you will need – bathroom and vanity mirrors so you can see what you are doing, a new shower curtain liner and rod, bath mats, towels and the like. The good news is that most modern bath collections are designed so that everything coordinates perfectly while not necessarily matching precisely.

Basic Bath EssentialsWhen you buy from a collection you can get the essentials right away and then add additional pieces as time and budget permits. You may need the shower curtain, liner and bath mat immediately but can wait a while to get the coordinating wastebasket or window panels and that’s okay. The easiest way to shop for basic bath décor is to take a look online at the websites of the major bath and bedding stores; if you have never purchased anything online before you know you can shop with confidence because reputable companies will stand behind what they sell.

When it comes to buying towels it’s a good rule of thumb to allow one bath towel, one hand towel and two washcloths per person plus a bath sheet for each person. In addition to personal towels you will also need a set of guest towels – a few hand towels or finger towels should be enough. For a touch of elegance you may wish to invest in monogrammed guest towels – they are sure to make a lasting impression.


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