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Elegant Amenities for Gracious Bathrooms

You know a gracious bathroom or powder room when you see it, either in the pages of a magazine or on a televised home makeover show, or even in the pages of the local real estate listings. The bathrooms have elegant amenities such as monogrammed bath towels, natural sponges, pretty bars of soap and other…
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Gracious Bathrooms: Capturing Ideas for Your Own Home

You’ve seen them in the better home décor magazines – beautiful bathrooms filled with lovely amenities designed to encourage a long soak in a hot tub where all your cares simply melt away. You can capture all of the same charm and allure in your own home when you add such niceties as natural bath…
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Modern Bath Sponges and Curtains for Bath Décor

Updating the bathroom used to mean getting a new bath mat or bath sponges and calling it done but today that just won’t make the grade. Anything and everything is open to review and a candidate for an upgrade, be it the shower curtain hooks and rod or the drab drawer pulls on the dated…
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