How to Maximize Bathroom Storage Space

If you have a small bathroom, storage space is at a premium. It might seem impossible to fit all of your supplies while avoiding a cluttered appearance. Maximizing your storage space can solve this problem. Careful use of hampers, vanities, shelves and other storage options keeps you organized while making your bathroom look neat and tidy.

How to Maximize Bathroom Storage Space

Add laundry hampers to your bathroom so that everyone in the house can stash away used towels and soiled clothing instead of leaving these items in the open. To take advantage of every inch of room, place these plastic or wicker baskets in the corners of the bathroom. Choose bathroom vanities that include storage space, such as shelves and cabinets. A shower caddy is perfect for holding your soap, shampoo and other small items, while hooks on the shower wall keep your towels and washcloths organized. Instead of installing a pedestal sink in your bathroom, pick a model with cabinets and drawers. Placing recessed shelves around the room gives you plenty of places to store your smaller items while allowing you easy access to them. Finally, do not forget that old standby, the medicine cabinet. This bathroom utility player is just the thing for holding and organizing your makeup, medications and miscellaneous supplies.

No matter what the size of your bathroom, you can create a neat, organized space that contains all of the storage options you need for holding your toothbrushes, hand towels, medical supplies and much more. Judiciously use narrow shelves, vanity cabinets and other storage solutions to achieve your goals.


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