How to Make Your Bathroom More Safe and Functional

The bathroom is perhaps the most heavily trafficked room in any home and it needs to be safe and functional which is why modern shower kits are so very helpful – they provide everything you need for a great shower. If your bath or shower could use some improvement you may wish to consider the addition of a hand held showerhead – these originated in Europe where older buildings had no indoor plumbing but they have come to symbolize luxury, in part because they make it easy to enjoy a relaxing water massage.

Most hand held showerheads can be installed without the assistance of a plumber; use them to shampoo hair, bathe children, wash pets, water plants or clean the tub or shower enclosure. Add a shower seat or bench and you can enjoy a shower while seated; this is especially useful for seniors and invalids. The great thing about a hand held showerhead is that you can target the water spray precisely where you want it.

Practical additions to your bathroom

Towel warmers are another practical addition to any bathroom; use them to warm baby clothes and blankets, dry swimwear and fine washables or dry towels completely. There are freestanding, wall mounted and counter top models available.

Fog-Free Shower Mirror

Z-Foot Fogless™ LED Lighted Fog-Free Shower Mirror with LCD Clock, $29.99,

Most bathrooms need as much light as possible for safety and good grooming. An overhead light alone is generally not enough – add lighted bathroom and vanity mirrors, wall sconces or even a shower light to make the room feel larger and better meet your needs. Often times the light fixtures simply need to be cleaned; any burned out or missing light bulbs should be replaced with new ones at the highest wattage recommended for the fixture.


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