Bathroom Renovation: 7 Fast Fixes to Make it Less Scary

Dirty, outdated, and neglected bathrooms make horrible impressions on lovers, friends, and family members. If yours comes close to being any of the three, it’s time for an update. Tame your scary bathroom with the following renovation and improvement suggestions.

Bathroom Renovation: 7 Fast Fixes to Make it Less Scary

1. Clean

Cleanliness is next to godliness, yet you won’t find famous portraits of gods on their hands and knees with bleach. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to clean the bathroom top to bottom to impress guests, beginning the transition from scary to chic. Check green sites for information related to non-toxic products.

2. Organize

Globs of toothpaste reside on the faucet and cotton balls and hair styling product proliferate on the floor; disorganization has made an unexpected turn into gruesome town. A bit of organization will improve the state of any bathroom. Buy small bins, baskets, and shelving to maintain belongings to supplement bathroom cabinets.

3. Store

Piles of clothing, bundles of toilet paper, and a year’s supply of soap bars do not need to be stored in the bathroom. Modify habits and change the storage location of bulk items and supplementary accessories. Keep the bathroom free of clutter, making it easier to maintain and clean regularly. Sharing a storage space with friends is a unique and alternative way to solve long-term storage problems.

4. Lighten

Poor lighting makes a bathroom appear unkempt or dusty. Improve the appearance and efficiency of your bathroom with additional lighting. Bathroom vanities are equipped with lovely fixtures, but pay attention to the wattage of bulbs too. Consider hiring an electrician to insert additional fixtures and lighting implements to illuminate a dark or drab-appearing space.

5. Decorate

A small bit of decorating makes a big impression. Shop online to find decorative prints and pair them with frames found at local arts and crafts stores or additional online vendors. In addition to the sense of sight, attend to the sense of smell, introducing scented soaps or potpourri. Tender loving care is the difference between a scary and a lovely bath area.

6. Update

Modern bath hardware includes copper-toned sinks and faucets, intricate tile backsplashes, and standalone tubs and shower stalls. Update your bathroom with a range of modern vanity and plumbing implements. For example, a wall-hung bathroom vanity is an aesthetic and space-saving option for those with small or outdated baths. Some of the scare could be due to age; make your bathroom beautiful again with new hardware and renovation.

7. Maintain

This is not a weekend DIY project; maintaining a lovely bathroom is a day-to-day responsibility and commitment. Discard trash, wipe commodes and sinks, and use a cleaner on shower tiles and the tub daily. Dirty areas create health concerns for kids, pets, and adults. Make a habit of maintaining an immaculate and impressive bath area.

It’s a dirty job, but it won’t be so bad the next time after you improve the appearance and cleanliness of your bath area. Clean, update, and decorate to improve the health of your family and to make guests feel welcome.

Faith Chan is a self-confessed decorating fanatic. When she’s not transforming a room, she’s writing about it online. Look for her interesting and informative posts on many blogs and websites today.


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