Five Luxury Bathroom Additions

If you are planning to give your bathroom a makeover, you are going to delight in these five options available to give you not only an eye-catching look, but also help you excel in the area of cleanliness and functionality. A towel stand is the key to the utilization of these five options and provides an elegant and refreshing change to the traditional towel bars and rings. When highlighted with bathroom brass fixtures, you are sure to enjoy the new look in comfort and style.

Five Luxury Bathroom Additions

There are many different types of stands available that offer an array of luxurious new looks. Try the towel rack, which give your bathroom balance and harbor several towels in a clean and orderly fashion, parallel to each other as opposed to the adjustable towel racks with arms at different angles. Perhaps your interest will include a towel stand, which is available in many different shapes and sizes. A glass stand can include shelves of frosted glass that fit nicely under the sink or as a separate unit standing alone in the corner with oval or rectangular glass shelves. Imagine the perfection of placing color-coordinated fresh towels on the beautiful glass shelves, with an outline in durable brass that matches the bathroom hardware brass of additional accessories. Combine this new look with matching brass waste baskets, shower rods, toothbrush accessories, toilet paper holders and more; the possibilities are endless.

Take advantage of these traditional and luxurious bathroom additions, re-designed for a contemporary look with functionality and form to give your bathroom a truly comfortable and distinguished place in your home.


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