Design Ideas & Tips: Seek Sanctuary in a Luxury Bathroom

Whether you start the day with an eye-opening shower or end it with a warm soak in the tub, your home’s master bathroom should be a luxurious getaway. It’s the only place in the house where it’s acceptable to lock the door and tune out everything on the other side. This multipurpose room should take its rightful place as a revered sanctuary adjoining the master bedroom. Here are a few design ideas and tips that will help you build a luxury bathroom and find relaxing sanctuary in it.

Design Ideas & Tips: Seek Sanctuary in a Luxury Bathroom

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Achieving a Purpose

Determining the purpose for the bathroom will help dictate what features must be included in the room. Will the bathroom also act as dressing room and make-up application area? Should face shaving be relegated to its own area, complete with shaving sink and magnifying mirror? Is soft recreational seating a requirement for reading or listening to music?

Choose Materials for a Luxurious Environment

Double sinks are a must even if you’re single. They ensure that, whenever guests are using the bathroom along with you, each person has their own sink and space for personal items. Individual mirrors or full wall mirrors should fill the space above. If you are going for a sleek, minimalist look, then frame-free mirrors will do the trick. If you are going for an opulent ambiance, then decorative, ornately framed mirrors will add sophistication to the room.

Countertops made of stone or marble are strong, durable, and beautiful. Marble and stone can be used beyond the countertops. Floors and walls can also be made of these materials. Smooth marble can be paired with rugged stone and plush area rugs to create contrasting textures that pleasure the senses. Adding a little natural wood like teak into the design can add warmth to the coolness of the stone and marble. Wood makes good vanity furniture or shelving units. Detached vanity and make-up areas can be custom made to match the mirrors and countertops.

Bathing can also be a luxury experience. Gleaming glass shower doors can encase a dream shower made for two. Body sprayers and rain showerheads make showering a full-body experience. Built-in shower seats can make shaving legs easier or just provide a place to relax for a minute. No luxury bathroom would be complete without the perfect bathtub. Options for tubs includeЖ

  • deep soaker,
  • whirlpool,
  • Jacuzzi,
  • air bathtub.

Even if your bathroom is going to be used as a retreat, tub-side televisions or mirrors with built-in televisions are options in case you need to catch up on the news or your DVR programs while relaxing or getting ready for work.

A separate water closet keeps the toilet, no matter how high-end, in its own space. Modern toilets conserve water while offering some over-the-top conveniences, like an automatic bidet and a heated seat that lifts and lowers itself.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Luxury Lighting Ideas

Image source: HGTV

At least one large overhead light in the form of a glamorous chandelier or a simple pendant light adds complexity to the room and light when needed. Specialty lighting is also important for the mirror, shower, and tub areas. Dimmers are a must for all lighting so that you can control the ambiance for your immediate needs. Recessed lighting creates a mellow feel that is perfect when you are trying to take it easy. Large windows or a series of smaller windows are another way to achieve optimal lighting. They can also give way to a beautiful view – if you’re lucky enough to have one. Not to worry if you don’t have a perfect view or you need more privacy. Frosted glass still allows light to filter through without full exposure.

Luxury Accessories

Luxury Bathroom Accessories

Radiant heated floors, heated towel racks, and plush towels are must-haves for a luxurious bathroom. Color therapy light systems and surround sound music systems are great additions if possible. In addition, aromatherapy candles or an entire aromatherapy system are worth the investment for pure bliss. A temperature control system will allow you to make the room perfectly comfortable at the touch of a button or turn of a dial.

A Lifetime Investment

Purchasing quality products will ensure that the furniture and equipment last forever. This is not a room to skimp on quality. This is one of the rooms in your house where you should splurge to meet your every want and need. With demanding work and social lives, escaping to a spa a couple times a month is sometimes impossible, but with a spa-like bathroom, escaping the chaos of life is possible every day.


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