Extras to Improve Your Bathroom’s Form and Function

Make the most of your available bathroom space by choosing shelving and cabinetry that gives you extra storage room. Stack towels high on shelves over the commode, and tuck personal-care items away in cabinets underneath your sink. Buy a lightweight bathroom scale with a handle to store vertically. Purchase a shower caddy to keep shampoos, body washes and soap up and out of the way. Look for functional accessories in a color that complements the bathroom brass fixtures.

Extras to Improve Your Bathroom's Form and Function

Choose a vanity that has ample room for stashing toilet paper and less frequently-used items that are too large for most medicine cabinets, such as hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol. A small wicker cabinet with drawers and doors can store your bathroom digital scale or bathroom talking scale. In natural or white, a wicker cabinet can coordinate with the bathroom trim brass on the shower head and faucets. Look for space-saving techniques that fit the style of your bathroom and are easy to maintain. If you have a linen closet, consider shelf dividers and under-mount wire baskets to keep things organized and neat. Store infrequently-used items on high shelves in labeled totes or airtight bags to protect them from dust and dirt.

Bathrooms do not have to look cluttered and messy, thanks to extras and modern innovations that optimize space in designs that accentuate the decor. Attractive shelves keep towels within easy reach, while stylish wicker cabinets offer storage inside and on top. Shower caddies take the clutter off of the bathtub and make it easily accessible. A linen closet is the ideal spot to organize and store practically all your bathroom necessities neatly.


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